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A car is more than a hunk of metal that gets you from one place to another. A muscle car is an extension of the driver, representing exactly who you are to everyone you meet. Are you a minivan — timid and quiet? Or are you a muscle car — bold and confident?

Be the man you’ve dreamed of and buy a muscle car today. Muscle Cars for Sale Inc. has the vintage American sports cars that show the world who you really are.

Discover Who We Are

We have a wide range of muscle cars for sale and work closely with you to track down exactly what you are looking for if we don’t have it available.

Tom King owns and operates Muscle Cars for Sale Inc. and understands the thrill of sitting behind the wheel of your dream machine for the first time. Tom’s entire life has been built around seeing that thrill light up your eyes and the eyes of countless others.

Our world-class inventory is not only our job but our passion. We live and breathe muscle cars so that you can find your ideal ride and unlock the adventurous man inside.

Call Us

We’ve been in the business for 40 years and have experience shipping worldwide, so wherever you are, we ship your chosen muscle car to you.

When you’re ready to become the eye-catching, fearless man you truly are, call Muscle Cars for Sale Inc. at (239) 405-1970. We’ll find the muscle car meant for you, and you’ll drive into the sunset a new man.

Over 40 years in the business

Tom King has been working with these classic cars since before they were considered “vintage” or “classic”… Buy with confidence from someone you can trust, someone who knows collector’s cars inside and out. To learn more about why you should buy your Muscle Car from us, click here.

We ship globally

No matter where you are we can get your dream car to you… We have had many customers from all over the world over the years and pride ourselves in only working with world-class quality auto shippers. Have questions about how to get these cars in your garage or driveway? Click here.

Let us help you find it

Had trouble tracking down that mint condition numbers matching 69 Camaro SS? Or maybe it just has to be Metallic Purple… If you are looking for a specific car we can help you find just what you are looking for. Be sure to contact us today for more information.

Ready to Drive

Imagine driving the car you have always wanted down the open road! That dream can be a reality. Have a look around to find your favorite type of collector car!

Top Performance

Looking for a sweet classic or vintage ride that is also quite fast? We have many vehicles with upgraded and hot-rodded engines!

Show Winning

Looking for the show stopping classic car to buy that you have always dreamed of? You have come to the right place!

FIND your dream Muscle Car!

No matter what your classic muscle car dream is – we can help you find exactly what you are looking for. First try searching our inventory using the following form. Broader searches for example “Manual Transmission” will bring more broad listings rather than extremely specific searches.

Have you been in the market and are still not able to find the muscle car of your dreams? Well look no further – Contact us today at and we will find that classic piece of automobile history!





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